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    Los datos e información por usted brindados, serán analizados y procesados por cuenta y orden de SMART Life Consulting Group (PDF), con la finalidad de realizar evaluaciones vinculadas con su perfil.

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    La información y datos recolectados a través de la plataforma serán utilizados exclusivamente por SMART Life, quedando prohibido para nosotros como agencia compartirlo con terceros o cederlo bajo ninguna modalidad. SMART Life resguardará dicha información bajo las más estrictas normas de confidencialidad.

    Al participar en la evaluación usted acepta y presta su consentimiento para que sus datos sean usados por nosotros en cualquier agencia del mundo y su información se integrará a un banco de datos de propiedad de SMART Life con el objeto de administrar y organizar la información.

    Likewise, we let you know that you are entitled to exercise the right of access to the data free of charge at intervals of no less than six months, unless a legitimate interest is accredited to that effect.

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    Now, please read the following list and check each word that YOU think describes you. Remember to mark all the words that you understand describe it.
    I really am a person...

    [checkbox* checkbox-188 use_label_element "Pleasant" "Cheerful" "Convincing" "Demanding" "Exact" "Affectionate" "Strong principled" "Human" "Persuasive" "Sociable" "Determined" "Determined" "Controlled" "Tolerant" "Aggressive" "Upright" "Domineering" "Easy to deal with" "Prankster" "Faceless" "Witty" "Energetic" "Thoughtful" "Harmonious" "Intelligent" "Ethical" "Competitive" "Bold" "Political" "Optimistic" "Fair" "Docile" "Possessive" "Good-natured" "Obedient" "Concerned" "Extroverted" "Cautious" "Tense" "Indecisive" "Cerebral" "Careful" "Cautious" "Logic" "Risk-going" "Easy" "Trustworthy" "Inspirational" "Jovial" "Retailer" "Adventurous" "Disciplined" "Brave" "Receptive" "Popular" "Patient" "Firm" "Attractive" "Cold" "Enterprise" "Seductive" "Self-confident" "Bold" "Distinguished" " "Calm" "Rational" "Direct" "Defensive" "Considerate" "Analytical" "Loyal" "Loquacious" "Satisfied" "Helpful" "Skeptical" "Evasive" "Elegant" "Susceptible" "Distrustful" "Willing" " Calm" "Scrupulous" "Stable" "Calm" "Investigated ra" "Objective"]

    In the following box, write a description of yourself using your own words. Take up as much space as you deem necessary.

    We thank you for completing this form. This analysis has been designed to get to know people by identifying natural behavior styles. It is neither approved nor disapproved. It does not contain correct or incorrect answers since there are no good or bad profiles, just different ones.